Crazy 'bout Cookin' Original Cookbook
Sausage Cake for Jesus' Birthday
Crazy 'bout Cookin' Original Cookbook

Tell me about your mother…

Back in the 1990s, Mom gave each of us kids a cookbook. It wasn’t just any old cookbook from Borders. This one was special.

Mom had gathered up all her recipes from handwritten notes, ad hoc innovations, and generational family secrets locked away in the vault of her mind. Using her trusty copy of Adobe PageMaker, she organized, laid out, and printed an entire cookbook of our family’s favorite recipes. This she presented in a 3-ring binder and protective sheets with the title, Crazy ‘Bout Cookin’ proudly displayed across the cover.

God knows how long it took on a Windows 95 desktop, but it was well worth the effort. It’s old, tattered, and splattered with unidentifiable food stuff. But Crazy ‘Bout Cookin’ still inspires great meals, apps, and yummy desserts to this day.

Preserving Memories

Memory is a strange thing.

Food has always been a central part of our family gatherings. From Christmas parties to family reunions, chicken pot pie to that awful sausage cake. The memories of our family recipes are forever linked to the experiences of our childhood.

As Mom’s memory fades, it’s the things she shared from her own experiences I cherish most of all. She’s no longer able to cook, but we have this recipe book to remember for her. To recapture a little spark of that Christmas party from 1976.

This website contains the recipes in Mom’s original cookbook, as well as new family favorites from the next generation. It’s a labor of love, just like the book itself.


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